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Husk Hammocks Double Sack

Double Sack

The Double Sack is spacious enough for two and is designed to provide a hassle-free experience, with an easy and swift setup and takedown. Double Sack is the Double Packs less robust cousin, it is practical yet also incredibly comfortable, offering the relaxation you need for your outdoor escapades. Perfect for lounging in the park, the garden, the beach, or any of your other outdoor (or indoor!) activities.


Each pack includes


Double Nylon Parachute (10 foot x 6.25 foot)

Detached drawstring bag

Designed for longevity and portability.

The whole sack weighs only 800g!

A pair of tree-saver straps.

A pair of Heavy-duty, lightweight carabiners

Reinforced heavy-duty triple-stitching

Two trees planted for each purchase

Holds 1-2 people


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